1. In order to send electronic cards from Cardsland.eu it is essential to read and agree to all the terms and conditions introduced below.
  2. Our website observes the copyright, thus, we do expect that users would observe it as well.
  3. Sending ecards form Cardsland.eu is free of charge.
  4. Our services are for use by people over 18 years of age. Those who are under 18 years old need to have guardian's consent for using the site.
  5. Anyone who sends ecards from the site Cardsland.eu becomes the user of Cardsland.eu site.
  6. The user of Cardsland.eu agrees to receiving e-mails from our website.
  7. You may send ecards once you create an User Account or by accepting our terms and rules without registration.
  8. Once you create an User Account on Cardsland.eu you may add your own greetings and wishes, texts messages, poems and quotes; however, you must have the rights to these texts, unless the text of the wishes is under Public Domain license. Texts created or added by the user cannot in any way violate the copyright of third parties and the content of texts remains the sole responsibility of the user.
  9. With the user account on Cardsland.eu, apart from the possibility to add occasional greetings and wishes, we give you get access to a lot of additional options to modify and decorate your ecards. All additional options are free of charge.
  10. When creating an user account on our website you need to provide accurate and complete information
  11. The user account is valid indefinitely provided that the account is active. Users may, however, at any point delete their accounts form Cardsland.eu. You can do so through the appropriate option in your account or you may send a request to delete you account to the administrator of the site. Once you delete your account you cannot ask to restore it. It's an irreversible process.
  12. You may update your data at any time once you have your own account.
  13. The administrator will not share your personal information with third parties.
  14. It is strictly forbidden to use vulgarism, obscene and offensive language when writing a text on your ecard
  15. All materials and graphic files that you find on Cardsland.eu are protected under the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Neighbouring rights. The use of graphic files outside Cardsland.eu site is prohibited.
  16. The administrator does not guarantee the continuous functioning of the site, delivering ecards on time and the fact that the ecard will be read by the receiver.
  17. If you do not accept the new Terms of Use you may ask the administrator to delete your account, or you may do it yourself which means stop using Cardsland.eu site.
  18. The administrator does not take responsibility for what is published by users on the Cardsland.eu site and for the content of ecards sent to third parties.
  19. If someone does not want to receive e-card from anyone from our service, he/she can contact website administrator with request of adding his/her e-mail to the Blocked list of recipients. This is permanent and no message will be sent to you in the future.
  20. By accepting the Terms of Use you make the following declaration:
    - I read the Terms of Use and accept all its provisions and regulations.
    - I agree to the collection and processing of my personal data for purposes related to the activities of the service.
    - I agree to receiving e-mails from Cardsland.eu.
    - I declare that I send ecards, greetings, wishes and texts through the Cardsland.eu to third parties with their consent.
    - I remain entirely responsible for the content of ecards sent through the Cardsland.eu site as well as for texts added on Cardsland.eu.
    - Information provided during registration is valid and complete.
  21. The administrator shall delete any user account which violates the Terms of Use delineated here.
  22. Cardsland.eu site reserves the right to change the content of the Terms of Use at any time. If any change in content of the Terms of Use is introduced, users will be informed via e-mails.
  23. If you do not accept introduced changes you should delete you account and stop using our website.
  24. The Terms of Use was published on 13th January 2018 - the administrator of Cardsland.eu.
Here on the Cardsland site you will find Terms and Conditions. We invite you to use our service; with its help you will send free e-cards with greetings to friends and family. You will find here many interesting e-cards suggestions, wishes for various occasions, greetings and messages. All this is at your disposal, and most importantly, it is available for free.