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You are now in the category Quotes, Aphorisms, Sentences, Maxims - These are very closely related terms, but they differ from each other and so we will briefly introduce you their differences. Quotes are citations of someone else’s words, whilst Aphorisms, Sentences and Maxims are short, witty, one-sentence statements expressing philosophical thoughts or life truths. On the Cardsland website you will find Quotes, Aphorisms, Maxims of many famous people, as well as those less famous authors. We invite you to browse the quotes and aphorisms we collected, because except finding the fundamental truths in them, you can also easily add them to free ecards from our site. For your convenience the quotes have been divided into appropriate categories. If you know an interesting quote, aphorism or maxim, you can add them to the Cardsland service without a problem; however, first you need to sign up for a free User Account. We wish you nice and pleasant read of quotes, sentences, maxims and aphorisms; then choose the ones you like the most and send free ecards to friends.

On our site you will find quotes of famous people, in which many life truths can be read, and later be of use in everyday life. Quotes are also perfect for being inserted into ecards; then it?s enough to just simply add some colour, a stamp, and ecards are ready. Quotes, sentences, maxims and aphorisms in the text of the ecard can replace wishes. Here quotes are divided into categories, so you won?t have a problem with choosing the best quote for a given free ecard. Go on ? choose ecards and quotes, and send them to friends and family.