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Here you will find Messages SMS, which can be added to free e-cards in our service. Messages are arranged in appropriate categories in order to make it easier for you to navigate the site. You can use our prepared texts of messages or you can add your own messages to Cardsland to share them with other users of our service. However, these must be messages written by you, to which you hold the copyrights, and not ones copied from another site, unless their messages are licensed as Public Domain. It is a great pleasure to share a part of your work with someone else, as we often use someone else’s works made available to us, too. Before your added messages are available on the Cardsland website, they first need to be checked for content and approved by the service admin. Not everyone is able to write their own texts, so we highly encourage you to use the already prepared texts of messages as added by other users. We hope that the messages found here will bring a lot of joy to your friends. Choose Messages SMS and add them to free cards.

If you need the contents of Messages SMS you are in the right place, because on Cardsland site you will find plenty of interesting and funny messages. You may not always know what to put in the content of an ecard, and then help comes with the ready texts of messages. Choose ecards and add already prepared messages. Messages SMS will definitely bring a lot of joy to recipients of ecards. Send free ecards with messages.